New TAF-310 page


The TAF-310 Series Hercules Sizing Tester takes yesterday’s design and improves on quality. It offers all the same capabilities as it’s earlier cousin the digital JA model, but with upgraded firmware, a lower profile, cost and energy efficiency, longer service life cycles, lower maintenance costs, and years of service.

Circuitry and Firmware:

The TAF-310 circuitry has been upgraded from the 300 Series and JA models with new features and benefits enhancing the operators experience. Perhaps one of the largest improvements is a 3 point calibration procedure. The 3-point calibration eliminates the unnecessary guess work and aggravation from over due serviced equipment resulting in inaccurate measurements. Essentially, all the operator has to do is set the ‘Reflectance Set Point’ press ‘Calibrate’ to calibrate to a mpletely opaque object like the black cap provided. Then calibrate again to the sample inside the holder with the black cap placed on top. Next, just pour the mixture and replace the black cap, press ‘Test’, and wait for the buzzer. Complete documentation on firmware features and navigation can be found on the TAF Knowledge Base section as well as for a visual introduction to the TAF-310 the HST Video Library section will orientate you to the operation procedures.

Enhanced features in HST circuitry allow for energy conservation and ease of use and service.

Enhanced features in HST circuitry allow for energy conservation and ease of use and service.


The Case:

The case and enclosure is fabricated from high quality tempered steel sheet metal that gives the 310 a sturdier design than an aluminum case would. Yes, aluminum is a lighter material, but we have compensated for weight also, by trimming down the entire profile by almost 1/3 from the KC, KA, and JA models. We reduced overall weight by eliminating any unnecessary hardware and replacing the motherboards steel standoffs with aluminum. The aluminum models still weigh less, but with the TAF-310 you will get durability and strength from a all steel design.

The TAF-310 has been primed and painted with a metallic-flaked, silver-based, powder coat that dries with a glassy automotive clear finish. This finish protects and prevents from discoloration from spills, premature corrosion, atmospheric oxidation, rust, and handling ware extending years of service life and beauty.